Prescott Airport User's Association - Aviate! Communicate! Advocate!

Meetings are held at the Airport Administrative Building, Second Floor, 4 PM - Third Tuesday of every Odd Numbered Month - Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, & November.   November Meeting being the Annual Membership Meeting and Board Member Elections.

Prescott Pilots

The Prescott Airport Users Association is dedicated to protecting the rights of pilots.  The PAUA is continuously working with the community at large, the City of PrescottKPRC airport management, and the AOPA. Becoming a member of the PAUA secures a place for aviation in our community. Join the PAUA Now!

Flight Students

The Prescott Regional Airport is home to some of the most prestigious airplane and helicopter flight schools in the United States. These schools  include Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Guidance Aviation, North Aire, Leighnor Aircraft and Alpha International.

Aviation Industry

The Prescott Commercial Air Park is a prime place for growth in our city, with the potential of being a high-tech aviation center, producing high paying careers. Best of all, there's no better place for these leading businesses to recruit from than the nationally acclaimed flight schools and engineering schools based at the Prescott Regional Airport.

Prescott Airport - From the Flight Deck

Economy, Tourism and Flying

It is well documented that a thriving aviation community and airport is a leading economic driver for the city and the region. Studies prove the Prescott Regional Airport generates millions of dollars for the economy, producing hundreds if not thousands of jobs and dozens of businesses.

The Prescott Regional Airport (PRC) is the gateway for the city's tourism industry. Both general aviation (GA) and commercial aviation play substantial roles in driving tourism for Prescott. The Prescott Airport User's Association helps support all facets of aviation in Prescott.